Lisle Baker – City Councilor, Ward 7

Jennifer Bentley – Newton Historic Commission

Peter Bruce – Newtonville Area Council President

Bob Burke – Newton Highlands Area Council

Carolyn Jacoby Gabbay – Newtonville Area Council

Lenny Gentile – City Councilor, Ward 4

Rena Getz – Vice President, Waban Area Council

Groot Gregory – Newton Highlands Area Council

Martina Jackson – Newtonville Area Council, Democratic Committee Chair

Marc Laredo – City Councilor, Ward 7, Former School Committee Chair

Nathaniel Lichtin – President, Newton Highlands Area Council

Tarik Lucas – City Councilor, Ward 2

Julia Malakie – City Councilor, Ward 3

Chris Markiewicz – City Councilor, Ward 4

Emily Norton – City Councilor, Ward 2

John Oliver – City Councilor, Ward 1

Chris Pitts – President, Waban Area Council

Susan Reisler – Vice President, Newtonville Area Council

Pam Shufro – Newtonville Area Council

Amanda Stauffer – Newton Historic Commission


Dick Blazer – Former Alderman, Ward 6 

Robert Gerst – Former Alderman, Ward 1

Jay Harney – Former City Councilor, Ward 4  

Peter Harrington – Former Board of Aldermen VP, Former State Representative   

Matt Hills – Former School Committee Chair

Julie Irish – Former Upper Falls Area Council  

Michael Malec – Former Alderman President      

Ken Parker – Former Alderman, Ward 6        

Amy Sangiolo – Former City Councilor, Ward 4         


MaryLee Belleville

Leon Benaim

Barry Bergman

Barbara Bix

Randy Block

Pamela Burton

Alison Conant

Eileen Concannon

Barbara Darnell

Paul Dietl

Jim Eckenrode

Stephen Farrell

John Fitzpatrick

Laura Foote

Cheryl Forte

Simon French

Linda Gershwin

Phil Golando

Lisa Gordon

Bernie Goulding

Rich Heald

William Hicks

Julie Irish

Pat Irwin

Kathleen Kouril Grieser

Kathy Lee

Renande Loayza

Deb Lund

Michael Lund

Myrna Malec

Nancy Mazzapica

Naomi Myrvaagnes

Eric Myrvaagnes

Helen Nayar

Mary O’Brien

Laurie Palepu

Russel Pergament

Susan Rapoport

Jim Rapoport

Richard Rasala

Jane Rosenof

Howard Rosenof

Gail Sommer

John Vasilakis

Ellen Weinberger

Ellen Whalley

Julia Wolfe

Sue Wolfson   

“Councilor Pam Wright has distinguished herself by her willingness to do homework on complex issues — such as how zoning ordinances affect what is built or torn down. She also has an engaging style which adds to her effectiveness in Council deliberations. Councilor Wright is a valued colleague, and I urge you to join me in voting for her re-election in November.”

– Lisle Baker, Ward 7 Councilor

“I am a firm believer that your elected officials should reflect the qualities you want to see in your community.  For me that would be a capable leader who is inclusive, empathetic and accessible.  As a constituent of Ward 3, I have found and experienced all of those great attributes in my City Councilor Pam Wright.  She not only shows up for the conversations but is always ready to work with you to find a solution.  That is why I am asking you to please join me in re-electing Pam to continue the great work she has started in improving our city.”

– Renande Loayza

“Pam is an outstanding member of the City Council.  She is intelligent, independent, hard-working, and responsive to her constituents.  We need Pam’s voice and analytical skills on the City Council, especially as we continue our work on the city’s zoning code – perhaps the most important issue before us.  Please join me in voting for Pam on November 2!”

– Marc Laredo, Ward 7 Councilor-At-Large

“I strongly endorse Pam Wright for re-election.  As an engineer she asks all the right questions, follows the data, and is a resource for other city councilors as well as constituents when it comes to the complicated issues around zoning and development.  Especially since her opponent is a real estate developer, voters need to know that Pam always puts Newton residents first.”

– Emily Norton, Ward 2 Councilor

“Pam Wright is the only City Councilor who can take a complicated issue like zoning redesign and explain it in a way so that everyone can understand it.  She is a valuable asset to the City of Newton.”

– Tarik Lucas, Ward 2 Councilor-At-Large

“I have a lot of respect for the positions Councilor Wright takes on many issues because she is consistently using numbers and facts as the foundation of her thinking.  Her voice on the City Council is very important to the work we are doing.”

– John Oliver, Ward 1 Councilor-At-Large

“The first time I heard her speak about the city’s challenging zoning and development issues, I knew Pam was right for Newton.  Pam brings her exceptional engineering skill to complex problems and works to find the best solutions for Newton residents.  Pam is responsive and accessible – the city councilor I turn to for clear, reliable information.”

– Martina Jackson, Newtonville Area Council, Democratic Committee Chair

“I’ve known Pam for almost twenty years.  I have had the opportunity to work with her on a variety of community projects.  Pam is smart, focused and diligent.  She gets the job done!  She is a great addition to our city.  We are lucky to have her as a Councilor.”

– Greer Tan Swiston, former Ward 3 Alderman-At-Large

“Pam Wright has been a dedicated and hardworking voice for fact-based decision-making on the City Council and, especially, on the Zoning and Planning Committee.  She studies issues carefully, considering the pros and cons of each proposition — and she shares her analysis with admirable transparency.  Pam actively seeks input from the community and listens carefully to residents’ concerns about the future of our City.  I heartily endorse Councilor Pam Wright for re-election.”

– Carolyn Jacoby Gabbay, Esq., Newtonville Area Council member

“Pam Wright has an amazing ability to dive into the details.  She is also very open, welcoming, and community-oriented.  As we’ve seen through the years we’ve known her, Pam is really smart, has an enormous amount of energy and is good at multi-tasking.  All of these qualities combine to make her a great councilor for the City of Newton.”

– Ellen Whalley and Jim Eckenrode

“Pam is the most energetic, most informed, most organized and smart person we know. Pam does not get flustered. She gets informed. If there is ANY issue, she does her research and follows through to a resolution. I believe there is nothing she can’t do.  So Pam is A+ and Newton is blessed to have her give her time and serve on the City Council.”

– Deb and Michael Lund

“Pam and I have worked together for many years coordinating large scale robotics events.  I have always been impressed with Pam’s attention to every detail to ensure nothing is left out and all options considered before moving forward with a plan of action.  She also is not afraid to have the hard conversations with people when necessary and has impressed me with her ability to do so with respect to try and ensure a positive outcome for everyone involved.”

– Phil Golando