“I’ve known Pam for almost twenty years.  I have had the opportunity to work with her on a variety of community projects.  Pam is smart, focused and diligent.  She gets the job done!  She would be a great addition to our
city.  We’d be lucky to have her as a Councilor.”

— Greer Tan Swiston, former Ward 3 Alderman-at-Large

“Pam Wright has an amazing ability to dive into the details.  She is also very open, welcoming, and community-oriented.  As we’ve seen through the
years we’ve known her, Pam is really smart, has an enormous amount of energy and is good at multi-tasking.  All of these qualities combine to make her a great councilor for the City of Newton.”

— Ellen Whalley and Jim Eckenrode

“Pam is the most energetic, most informed, most organized smart person we know. Pam does not get flustered. She gets informed. If there is ANY issue, she does her research and follows through to a resolution. I believe there is nothing she can’t do.  So Pam is A+ and Newton will be blessed to have her give her time and serve on the City Council.”

— Deb and Michael Lund

“Pam and I have worked together for many years coordinating large scale robotics events.  I have always been impressed with Pam’s attention to every detail to ensure nothing is left out and all options considered before moving forward with a plan of action.  She also is not afraid to have the hard conversations with people when necessary and has impressed me with her ability to do so with respect to try and ensure a positive outcome for everyone involved.”

— Phil Golando